Quality Assurance

Tape Shelf Life

Foam tapes consist of two parts, the foam and the adhesive. The foam has an extremely long shelf life but adhesives can be a little more finicky. All adhesives degrade over time, whether that is time in use on your project or time on the shelf before it is sold. In order to ensure that you receive the best products we frequently do quality checks on our stock to ensure that they have not degraded. This means that one of our staff members goes through our log stock, peeling the backing off and ensuring it adheres the way it should. We are committed to providing only the highest quality products and are frequently disposing of stock that we feel is just not up to standard. Other sources of online foam tape may not take the same pride that we do in our service. Rest assured that when you buy Colorado Steel Sash foam tape you are buying a product that has been quality assured by real people.

American Made

Our foam tape materials are sourced from the USA, always. There are log stock manufacturers in China and other parts of the world that we do not source our materials from. All of our stock is cut, packaged and fulfilled in one of our Pacific Northwest production facilities.

Commercial/Industrial Grade

For over 70 years we have been supplying products exclusively to commercial and industrial contractors who demand the highest product performance. We know the best places to source our products and we know which materials are best for various applications. We won’t stock inferior grade products or cheaply made adhesive tapes. When you buy from Colorado you are buying the best commercial and industrial grade products, the same ones we provide to the hard working contractors who have trusted us since 1950.